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Stupid Exorcist Quiz

A humorous quiz

Quiz created by: Jim Blake

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  • No. It's purely psychological.
  • Yes. There really is a demon inside her.
  • Not sure. It's all so complicated. I can't form a coherent opinion.
  • Yes

  • Yo devil! Bye Bye. See ya!!!
  • Fuckin' bring it bitch.
  • Let's see what you got, burn boy.
  • How much can you bench?

  • Close the door, look her straight in the eyes and say "Try to murder me, girlfriend".
  • Try to start a normal conversation with the demon.
  • Mimic her as she's mimicking Burke Dennings and turning her head around.
  • Start throwing shit at her

  • Wipe the barf off your face and lick it from each finger - hoping she'll laugh.
  • Really try and get her to make the straps disappear
  • Act like nothing happened and tell her to get a life.
  • Just fucking punch her

  • Say "Awww, little baby devil burning in hell for eternity. Who's the real fuckup here?"
  • Put on a straight jacket and announce that you're crazier than she.
  • Say "I know you're possessed and guess what? I'm not scared."
  • Grab her by the neck and shove her off the examining table.

  • Flop harder
  • Start yelling about how 'baked" you are.
  • Stop flopping and admit it's all a hoax
  • Scream "Gimme the Thorazine. It's MINE!!!"

  • A very strong man came into the room and pushed him out.
  • He was drunk and fell out of the window.
  • Because Regan's a maniacal, raging, possessed lunatic
  • It was suicide. Regan had nothng to do with it.

  • Flowers
  • Whiskey
  • A fucking rotting, stinking shithole from hell
  • Pot

  • I possess you! You don't possess me!
  • You are sooooo BOGUS!
  • I see you. Now beat it.
  • Smooth move, Ex Lax.

  • Possessed people can't do that.
  • It looked cheesy and stupid
  • I don't like spiders and snakes.
  • Shelob the giant spider from from the Lord of the Rings objected

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