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Poltergeist - The first movie, Quiz #2

How well do you remember the first movie? At one point I was going to write a trivia book about the 80s and started writing questions for this movie. Never got past this movie, but I have a ton of great questions, this is the second and final quiz.

Quiz created by: ChuckyG

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  • I can't find my doll, where is my doll?
  • I want to come out, why can't I leave?
  • I feel the static, it tickles.
  • I can't see you mommy, where are you?

  • There is no difference, the terms are interchangeable
  • Poltergeist is related to a person, long duration. Haunting is shorter and related to the place
  • Poltergeist is related to a person, short duration. Haunting is longer and related to the place
  • Poltergeist is related to a place, short duration. Haunting is longer and related to the person

  • The dog
  • The light
  • The other people
  • The noise

  • Dust and spiders
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Jewlery and watches
  • Dead cats and dogs

  • A good ghost
  • A light
  • Carol Ann
  • An evil spirit

  • He got scratched
  • He fell down
  • He got bit
  • He had his shirt ripped off

  • Puts on makeup
  • Scratches his eyes out
  • Rips the flesh off the bones
  • Cuts off his hair

  • Real People
  • 60 Minutes or That's Incredible
  • CBS News or ABC News
  • The Gong Show

  • Run away from the light
  • Run to the light
  • Close her eyes
  • Touch the light

  • A glass ball
  • A flashlight
  • A pocket watch
  • A tennis ball

  • This house is doomed
  • I'll have what she's having
  • This house is evil
  • This house is clean

  • She has more wrinkles
  • She has a hump
  • She has grey hair
  • She's shorter

  • Carol Ann
  • The clown
  • The dog
  • A piece of rope

  • The clown
  • The family dog
  • Skeletons and coffins
  • The family car

  • San Dimeas
  • Cuesta Verde
  • Santa Carla
  • New Grenada

  • All the mirrors
  • The television set
  • The ice bucket
  • All the lamps

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