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Sonic Songs Knowledge

Let's see how much you all know about Sonic the Hedgehog songs...

1. Who wrote the song Throw it All Away?

Everett Bradley

2. Who performed the song His World, but then wussed out of Sonic and made His World Remix?


3. What Sonic Song has more Remixes than any other Sonic Song (and possibly every other song?

His World

4. Who is Bentley Jones?

Lee Brotherton

5. Lee Brotherton is another famous Sonic singer. What is he known to do a lot of his songs with?

Remix Factory

6. What Song that was a Remix of a Sonic Adventure 2 Song that is in Shadow the Hedgehog?

E.G.G.M.A.N. Dr. Robeatnix

7. Who is the vocalist for Crush 40?

Johnny Gioelli

8. Who is the mixer for Crush 40?

Jun Senoue

9. What is the main theme of Team Chaotix?

Team Chaotix

10. What is Crush 40's most famous song?

Sonic Heroes

11. What was originally meant to be the main theme of Shadow the Hedgehog, but unfortunately wasn't?

Who I Am

12. What ended up being the main theme of Shadow the Hedgehog?

I Am (All Of Me)

13. What song causes the Tails Doll to jump out of the TV and steal your soul?

Can You Feel the Sunshine