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The Return of Ultraman (Part ll)

After a few years of hiatus, a long awaited sequel to the first "The Return of Ultraman" quiz is here!

Quiz created by: Max Power

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  • Episode 18
  • Episode 40
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 37

  • Ultra Slash
  • Cinerama Shot
  • Specium Ray
  • Ultra Shot

  • Jack doesn't require a transformation device for the host to transform
  • All of the above!
  • They each have a different color pattern on their suit
  • Jack lacked the resistance against electrical attack that the original Ultraman has

  • Are you kidding me? Ultraman afraid?
  • He ran out of power and needs more time to recover
  • Because he didn't say "Please!"
  • Jack was scared because of what Zetton had done to the original Ultraman

  • Having a monster to spread spores over the entire population to turn them lazy
  • Kill off the entire population
  • A straight up invasion!
  • Demoralize everyone by defeating Ultraman Jack

  • Bemstar dies from heart attack after eating too much
  • Cut it to bits with his bracelet
  • MAT destroyed Bemstar
  • Ultra Slash

  • Plooma revives and attacks Jack
  • He almost got killed by his bracelet that turned against him
  • He flew off into the sun like always
  • None of the above!

  • Snowgon
  • Twintails
  • Bemstar
  • Knackle

  • Made Ultraman Jack commit suicide by flying into the sun
  • Froze him solid and literally tore his body apart and toss the parts around like frozen slabs of meat
  • Destroys his color timer
  • Kept beating him until his color timer runs out

  • Baltan Jr.
  • Pedan
  • This isn't Gundam!
  • Knackle

  • Pris-Ma
  • MKUltra
  • Dada
  • Bullton

  • He liked the creature
  • Zetton defeated the original Ultraman
  • He wants to show off
  • To create a monster army

  • He pummels Bat to death
  • Specium Ray
  • Zetton turns against Bat
  • Impales him with a bracelet that transformed into a lance

  • Knackle and Black King
  • Cygnus-61 and Robonez
  • Gudon and Twintails
  • Grotes and Kodaigon

  • Specium Ray (The irony as it didn't work for the original Ultraman...)
  • Cinerama Shot
  • Bracelet
  • He broke its neck

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